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Retarded Bureaucrats.

On July 2, 2009, I wrote an article entitled ‘whoredom’ which was inspired by a Washington Post column written by Lisa de Moraes. Her article had focused primarily on “media whoredom”, while mine had augmented other whoredoms such as, ‘whores in academia’, in U.S. Congress, etc. In 2011, I am forced to add to the list, some wretched, contemptible “bureaucratic whores” who need rhyme for their achievements.

Retarded bureaucrats.

Enemy of progress,

a bunch of retarded bureaucrats,

hindrance to new ideas,

an obstacle, pretentious zombies,

deceitful to their superiors,

dictators to their subordinates.

Seeing the world in black and white,

Nothing creative, always redundant,

Philosophy of the past,

With a mind of a tyrant.

Always dreaming of “the good old days”,

forgetting that they have come to pass,

decadent, conniving, degenerates,

who do not accept the equality of all humans.

In all kindness, I call them snobs,

Brutes, and buffoons,

While Bukowski refers to them as,

Subnormals, and sadists.

More to come, when the need arises.

In peace, always,

Professor Mekonen Haddis.


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