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Political Poetry-The Lecture. Part IV

An afternoon class

On Majority and minority rights.

Wasn’t Alexander Hamilton,

One of the founding fathers

Defending minority privileges

For the few, to control the masses?

Politics of the minority

Controlling the majority

By force if necessary

Or, in the guise of democracy.

The few having plenty

Power and money

Is this democracy

When the have-nots must only obey?

Where is Justice?

When people suffer at the whims,

Of ruthless corporations

Workers without rights

Where is politics of the masses?

Life in general, but especially, for us in the majority,

Whether it is politics or the economy,

Is depressing, and disheartening,

We have no control.

How are we to continue living like this?

Asked, one of my students.

By being optimistic and cheerful,

Like cancerous skin covered with spots,

So is life full of marks,

With troubled times and disappointments,

Unfulfilled dreams and illusions,

Trials, and errors.

A mother, who cannot feed her kid,

A father, who cannot clothe his child.

The keeper of the mosque,

Who knows the king is an alcoholic,

So good a Muslim he is devout,

But, can’t do a thing about.

The born again Christian, the preacher of the new right,

Who prays for the elimination of the left,

And, finds out that liberals too, have people’s support.

The person who lost his pants,

At the Dow Jones,

Did not commit suicide, and still survives.

The third world thinker told not to speak,

Nor write nor think;

Because his ideas are contrary,

To those who govern the country.

The Boeing engineer,

Who lost his job and became a taxi driver,

And the writer, who couldn’t find a publisher,

The soldier who is always in danger,

Standing guard, at his country’s frontier.

The politician who had once hoped,

If elected he would change the world,

And found out it was impossible, and failed.

The sick old man who thought his health would


And was told by his doctor, that he wouldn’t survive.

The person who lost whom he loved,

The hardest working person that was fired.

So what is in common here is, that everyone faces

Problems one time or another,

And yet, with all these miseries and more,

It is only humans, who ignore,

The sad realities of before,

And live for a bright and a better future.

Because we know we live with hope,

And, When we lose it, life will stop.

So as a result, from all the animals,

It is only humans,

Who hope that today’s sorrow,

Will be replaced with better things tomorrow.

Professor Mekonen Haddis.

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